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-About Us-


The DIGÉP INDUSTRIAL PARK is in the territory of the first and second site of the DIGÉP Machine Factory. With the lot number 23965 it is located on 35 Kerpely Antal Street, Diósgyőr in inner Miskolc. Area: 448 698 m2.

MISKOLC is the capital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, industrial, commercial, cultural and educational center with about 170 000 habitants.

The surrounding area’s population is 30 000. The education provided by the University of Miskolc, the traditional secondary and technical school training offers a curriculum based upon teaching the skills and knowledge needed to work within the industry.

Find more information about the city on the www.miskolc.hu website.

The city is accessible on railway and auto route as well. From Budapest the M3 and M30 highways lead to the DIGÉP IPARI PARK -towards Lillafüred- through Vargahegy avoiding the city. From the city centre the Déli tehermentesítő leads to it. 


A DIGÉP IPARI PARK opened in 1998 on the territory of the former DIGÉP with the intention to utilize the free halls and territories of the former company.

They created a Brownfield industrial park where after destroying the useless halls, only about 10 halls could ensure Greenfield territory to investors who wanted to invest in the park.


Distance from Budapest

190 km

Distance from the following highways:




                        M5, M6, M7



170 km

200 km

 30 km

190 km

10 km

Distance from route 3

 6 km

Distance from the following borders

                     Austrian border

                     Slovak border

                     Ukrainian border

                     Romanian border

                     Serbian border

                     Croatian border

                     Slovenian border


Hegyeshalom  355 km

Tornyosnémeti  60 km

Záhony           185 km

Csengersima    200 km

Röszke            345 km 

Letenye           415km

Lenti               480 km

Distance from the nearest international airport

Košice               90 km

Debrecen         100 km

Distance from the nearest railway station

Miskolc Tiszai pu    (6 km)

Miskolc Gömöri pu  (4 km)

Direct railway connection


Factory siding


Distance from the nearest bus stop

150 meters

Economic environment

There are 59 producing companies in the territory of the DIGÉP INDUSTRIAL PARK with around 1500 employees. Various companies focus on various things such as: manufacturing, hot forming, powder coating of railway equipment, ironwork manufacturing, metal cutting and woodworking. As for the form, there are private enterprises, small and medium sized businesses as well employing from 2 to 180 people.

The INDUSTRIAL PARK supports the companies’ improvements through aiding their tenders. In the previous years the companies gained more than a billion forints through these tenders.

IV. Infrastructure, established utility 

The DIGÉP INDUSTRIAL PARK Ltd. operates the DIGÉP IDUSTRIAL PARK including the following services for the companies in the park:

The electricity is assured by the ÉMÁSZ rt. from the 120/35/6 kV outdoor transformer based on a public utility contract. There are 14 3/0,4 kV transformers and a switch station that provides electricity to all the consumers in the DIGÉP INDUSTRIAL PARK.

A 6 bar gas network supplies the DIGÉP INDUSTRIAL PARK.

The energy supply systems are well developed, able to satisfy all the factories’ the energy demand and individually measured.

The MIVÍZ Ltd. supplies drinking water to all the companies through its public utility network using an internal water network. PE branches assure the drinking water supply that is the firewater network at the same time.

The industrial park’s sewerage is combined. The common sewage and precipitation are merged to the sewer system. The main sewer leads the water to the central wastewater treatment plant. The clear water is lead to the Szinva River

The phone network is also developed, ensured by the Hungarian Telecom Plc. services.

The DIGÉP INDUSTRIAL PARK’s internal road network is connected to the city through the main gate at the Kerpely Antal Street and the entrance at Muhi Street. The entire road network is bituminized with water drainage and developed public light network.

In the INDUSTRIAL PARK there is an internal railroad network as well. The BOBO Ltd.’s railway connects it to the national network.

V.       Operation, maintenance

The DIGÉP INDUSTRIAL PARK Ltd. performs the operative tasks of the INDUSTRIAL PARK

It owns the electric, natural gas, water, and the internal road network as well as the sewerage.

Right now 37 full-time employees maintain the energy system and operates the DIGÉP INDUSTRIAL PARK